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Years ago I became aware of Picture Me Reading at a kindergarten conference. I was looking for a way to challenge my brighter students while continuing to work with students who were struggling. Picture Me Reading offered a self paced opportunity to master the Dolch sight words. Over the years I've heard from families how this foundation has allowed my former students to excel in reading. Picture Me Reading is a wonderful visual aid for any child trying to memorize these words!


a kindergarten teacher in Whittier, California

I am a Mainstream Classroom teacher and I have been using the Picture Me Reading programme for the last three years in 1st through 3rd class. I have found it to be an extremely effective programme.  I have primarily used it with pupils in 1st class, however it has also proved very effective with struggling readers and pupils with dyslexia in 2nd and 3rd Class. The picture cues on the cards not only provided a helpful scaffold for the struggling reader but also created a ‘buzz’ and an air of excitement around learning to read, which had been absent for many of these pupils in the past.


PMR has helped give a huge boost to the self-esteem of all of these pupils and they have developed a belief in their ability to learn to read that was previously absent.

The first year I used PMR, one of my students was able to read fewer than ten sight words when he came into my class at the beginning of First Class. By the end of the year he could read approximately 190 words from the Dolch List. This year, three of my First Class pupils could read approximately forty of the sight words from the Dolch list at the beginning of the academic year. Each of them is now on course to be able to read all 220 Dolch List words by the end of May. This is typical of my experience of PMR. All of these pupils have also made great strides in reading these words in context and are reading graded readers at a much higher level than they were in September.

I cannot recommend PMR highly enough. It is a wonderful programme that has the potential to change the lives of young people. I would strongly urge all teachers working with beginning or struggling readers to take the plunge and begin using it with their pupils. You won’t regret it!


Primary teacher in Ireland

 I am writing you to tell you how grateful I am for your development of this program. I am homeschooling my 9 year old son who has been diagnosed with pretty severe learning disabilities along with language disorder and memory / auditory processing issues. I have tried several programs, trying to make progress in his reading skill. It has been extremely slow for him and frustrating. He's an amazing boy who teaches me everyday the value of patience and perseverance. it dawned on me pretty early in this journey that he thinks in pictures, lives in pictures and remembers in pictures. I noticed that the only sight words that he remembers from one day to the next are the ones that we have associated with a picture. That is when I started researching and came across your program. I was excited but apprehensive to try yet another program.... Well its only been a few weeks since we started, and I am just thrilled and actually cant believe it! We have added over 25 words to his sight word ability in such a short amount of time. The best part is that he is really proud of him self and excited to be finally reading sentences on his own. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for seeing a need and coming up with a solution.

A Grateful Mom

Scott is doing very well with the picture word cards. His mother was so excited when he took his sight word folder home and was able to read the words. He knew about 40 sight words when he started the program, now he knows about 70. That was only 4 weeks ago. Scott is interested in coming to resource now and focuses much more.

A very pleased teacher

Special education Resource Specialist working with a 4th grade child with Fragile X Syndrome

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A Million Thanks!

A family from Dublin, Ireland

Received from a parent of a child who has Dyslexia in the family -


Just wanted to let you know how much you have changed our son Seán’s life and ours.  It might be nothing to others, but to us you opened up a world of reading to Seán.  He was 7 years old and just starting 1st class, and he could only identify 8 words. He started ‘picture words’ and what can we say? Seán went from frustration, upset and hating homework to calm, loving to find that word in the picture and mastering it (but still hating homework!) We made it into a game at home, which even his 3-year-old brother, Niall, was learning from. Niall is 5 now and in Junior Infants and is reading!


We can’t thank you enough for opening up the world of reading. Watching Seán reading Dr. Seuss, his favourite, and even Horrid Henry, is amazing! When he went into 2nd class he had already mastered 177 words! Thank you again for bringing Picture Me Reading into our lives, as we still use it today.


Grandparent of a 1st grader, struggling in reading in February, at the top of her class 2 months later

I have a 6 year old [granddaughter] struggling with reading.. [Two months later, after receiving the PMR! materials, she wrote again] ...Just wanted to tell you that Carrie got the highest score in 1st grade on her testing. She’s reading at a 3rd grade 3 mo. level. Over all she came up with a 110 rating. No other kid in 1st grade got above 100. ...Her teacher was amazed...I really appreciate you helping her get a good start!

The same grandparent provided this update in 2003:  Carrie has really become a reading "success" story.  She finished 4th grade this year reading at a 9.5 reading level.


Mother of a child whose story was one featured in the book about special needs children, "You Will Dream New Dreams," by Stan Klein and Kim Schive

I am so glad that I can share Austin's success with you. I feel like shouting to the world, "look what this kid who doctors thought might be mentally retarded, look at what he can do!!!" I never in my wildest dreams thought we would be where we are - I really can't thank you enough... for providing us with the tools we needed for success. We were talking about reading the other day and he said, "Mommy, I am a good reader. Look what I can read." It is so nice for him to have something he excels at because so many things are so hard for him. [The next year, Austin was in a Montessori 1st grade and was one of the best readers in the class.]


Mother of autistic 5 year old boy

We started using the sight words and alphabet cards a few weeks ago, and the improvement has been terrific! We have worked on letter names and sounds for about a year with him with no success. Since we started using the cards, he loves to look at them and say the sounds and some of the letter names. He is also finally keeping up with his Kindergarten class on their "popcorn" words (Dolch words). I cannot thank you enough. .... 

I also wanted to tell you that your program is great because of the small amount of prep time needed. . . . . With your program, I laminated the cards after numbering them. I then put the ones we are working on on a ring and I am done with prep. .... That is a big thing when teaching is not your full time job.

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