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Picture Me Reading’s loyal customers will be aware that the original cards required some coloring and laminating before use.  Some had clues that were a bit dated:




Others included clues that only worked in North American context:


We have updated, colorized where necessary and laminated the cards.   These changes mean the cards can be used right away, but there is obviously an increase in the production cost of the product. BUT FOR A LIMITED TIME these cards, with the new updates, can be purchased at the old price!

Between now and Oct 15th. 2019, you can get full sets of updated cards, small for $25 and large for $45.  Just go to our website and order before October 16th, 2019


On Oct 16th. 2019, the new prices will take effect.  



Email us at by Oct 15th, 2019, and for the cost-only price of $3.00 for small and $5.00 for large (depending on number of requests, the cost could be less) we will send 24 of the changed cards we feel will be most beneficial to our customers.  Just let us know the size and quantity needed.  The list of the 24 changed cards are below:

New Product Announcment HOW example.jpg
New Product Announcment KEEP example.jpg
New Product Announcment MUST example.jpg
New Product Announcment OF example.jpg
New Product Announcment THANK
24 Changed Cards List for Website Announ
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