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Every child has his own favorite Dr. Seuss and other beginning level storybooks. The user provides the books, from a library or bookstore, which are used in conjunction with this guide. The booklet demonstrates how to teach the Dolch Words from one or several pages of a story at a time by using Picture Me Reading techiniques. The text of such books generally consists of about 80 per cent Dolch Words, and the illustrations provide clues to the nouns which are not Dolch Words, When the child can recognize the Dolch Words at sight (which you will teach using Picture Me Reading flash cards), he is ready to read those pages. Full instructions are provided, and many examples are included of beginning phonics decoding strategies so that your beginning reader becomes increasingly independent. The storybooks used in this booklet are extremely popular and widely available; use them or apply the techniques described to you child's other favorites.

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