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Karen Shaw, Joe Leaser, Cormac Shaw and Marian (Daugherty) Leaer

It is with much appreciation for PMR founder, Dr. Marlys Isaacson, and her life's work, for her husband Alan, who so generously trusted us to carry on her legacy, and with excitement and a passion for helping children learn to read, that we proudly announce a change of ownership in Picture Me Reading!

Karen Shaw has been using Picture Me Reading for several years, with much success, and is excited about sharing her passion for the program and for teaching children to read!  Having known each other since childhood, Karen and Marian (with the support and encouragement of their husbands) decided to purchase the company to help keep Picture Me Reading  available for children and their parents and teachers now and in the future.

Thank you, 

Karen & Cormac

Marian & Joe

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