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Inspiration for, and creator of, Picture Me Reading!

Dr. Marlys J. Isaacson, Ph.D.

Marlys Isaacson drew pictures to illustrate new words that she was teaching her first grade class, just to entertain them.  She soon realized that the words they learned with pictures were never forgotten by the children. 


Years later, when she was working as an educational psychologist, she found that there were children who were struggling to learn to read using phonics decoding.  She remembered the pictures she had drawn for her first graders in the past, and tried using pictures to help these children learn a few basic sight words.  This had such an impact on the individual children’s reading and self-esteem that she decided to search for a product that used pictographs for the Dolch (high-frequency) sight words. 


As Dr. Isaacson said, picture dictionaries use illustrations for nouns, but she could find no product which used illustrations for Dolch words, which do not include nouns.  She decided to remedy that situation and, in 1994, Picture Me Reading was born.  Although developed in response to the special needs of certain children, Picture Me Reading has proven to be extremely helpful for almost all beginning readers, adults with literacy difficulties and children and adults learning English as an additional language.


You can read the full story of the children who inspired the creation of Picture Me Reading by                              . These stories may remind you of children who could profit from our unique visual-conceptual method of teaching reading.  If so, please share the information with their parents and/or teachers. It literally could change their lives.

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