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Biography of PMR creator, Marlys Isaacson, Ph.D.

Dr. Isaacson earned a B.S. in Elementary Education from Bradley University, Illinois, becoming a kindergarten teacher.  Then, after raising her two sons, she earned an M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Washington (Reading & Language Arts) which gave her all she needed to know, or so she thought, to become a great first grade teacher for the next three years.


Dr. Isaacson was surprised to find that some children in her class learned to read phenomenally well, but that some still dragged along below the average. She wondered, “What was wrong with this picture?” If she took credit for the successes, didn’t she have to take responsibility for the strugglers, too? She headed back to college to get her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, also from UW, thinking that that would surely give her the key! Although she did learn a great deal in the program and in no way wished to belittle that fine university, when she became a school psychologist she still saw some of the students with whom she was working “falling through the cracks.”


For a few years Dr. Isaacson also taught graduate students at Salve Regina College, Rhode Island, sharing all her hard won wisdom about learning disabilities, child development, and related coursework with teachers who hoped to give every child a successful start.


For the next ten years she worked as a school psychologist, helping children with all sorts of difficulties, guiding some toward the special help they needed.  But there were some who still languished, and those who were not “eligible” for special help, or worse, who got the special help but still didn’t “get it,” and that troubled her.  Then she met Jacob, who changed her life when he said one little sentence that set her on the road to developing Picture Me Reading.  By so doing, he changed the lives of thousands of other children throughout the US and many other countries, as well.  Like Jacob, they all learned to read, too, as a result. You can read that story by clicking on "Inspiration for PMR".

Listen to the late Dr. Isaacson discuss teaching reading, the importance of Dolch words and the use of Picture Me Reading here.

Dr. Marlys Isaacson - Radio Interview
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