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02/19/2017. "Picture Me Reading!"is in the process of changing ownership and must suspend business until the transfer is complete. Your patience will be appreciated while we work out the many administrative and logistics requirements of the changes in ownership and physical location.

“Picture Me Reading!” is a visual-conceptual method of teaching the ABCs and the 220 high frequency sight words that are often known as “the Dolch Sight Words.” If you don't already have a list of the 220 Dolch Sight Words, we will be happy to provide one to you as an e-mail attachment in Word.doc format. Just click here to request it.

The child who can recognize on sight 8 of the 10 words in the sentence before him can read that sentence and, generally, decode the remaining words by means of context, phonics, or illustrations. Most importantly, he can understand its meaning! When kids hooked on phonics programs have just learned to read "A fat cat sat on a mat," or "A big pig did a jig," "Picture Me Reading!" students already are happily and fluently reading such books as Ten Apples Up On Top, Green Eggs and Ham, and The Cat in the Hat, and other Dr. Seuss favorites, often making 6 MONTHS of reading progress in 6 WEEKS or less!

Traditionally, it has been considered impossible to teach these abstract “service words” by using pictorial aids, but “Picture Me Reading!” now provides a method for doing so! A former primary teacher, who later became a school psychologist, developed this unique visual-conceptual program. Pictorial cues are EMBEDDED within words and letters, and an auditory cue (a sentence for each pictograph word) enables “right brain” visual learners, dyslexic students, developmentally delayed and other “special needs” students, the very young, and also ordinary kids to memorize these important (frequently non-phonetic) words (one, once, could, laugh, of, etc.).

Visual-conceptual cues for the "right brain"
+    word language cues for the "left brain"         
=    efficient word memorization and reading comprehension

Until "Picture Me Reading!" provided this entertaining and effective modification to the learning task by adding graphics to the words, research revealed that "average" first graders generally required 60 to 80 exposures to place these critical sight words firmly in memory! Many children need far more! Until this vocabulary is mastered, fluent, efficient, and confident reading with full comprehension is impossible. Now, with pictograph aids, a vocabulary of these necessary words, which generally are acquired piecemeal over a period of as many as three years or more, can be acquired in just a few weeks or months! Many kindergarten students using the method for just a few minutes a day enter first grade already reading fluently at the first, second, or even third grade levels!

Because of the power and effectiveness of “Picture Me Reading!,” students master a basic core of the Dolch Sight Words in a tiny fraction of the time and number of exposures generally required. As a result, “Picture Me Reading!” rapidly is gaining acceptance and popularity with teachers and parents, and feedback ranges from positive to ecstatic.

Visual-conceptual flash cards featuring pictorial cues within the letters and words on one side, and plain letters and words without the graphics but with sentence cues on the reverse, form the core of the “Picture Me Reading!” approach. Additional teaching materials, such as booklets and removable and reusable Dolch Sight Word Stickers also are available. The stickers (220 with pictures, 220 plain words) are for use in making games and activities to complement the flash cards, while the booklets provide complete and easy-to-follow directions for teaching, with no formal training necessary. The equivalent of the Dolch Words in Spanish is available on large flash cards now!

To see some pictograph samples, Click Here.

To see some Spanish pictograph samples, Click Here.

A Jump Start To Early Literacy

“Picture Me Reading!” is an extremely effective and pleasurable way for beginning readers to achieve early literacy. Also, it provides a much needed avenue to success for all students who are having problems in learning to read by more traditional methods, for it was first developed for children such as those! Children vary in their learning styles, and it is essential that we use methods to reach every student by having a variety of approaches available!

“Picture Me Reading!” augments any and all curriculum methods and materials. It is the equivalent of a “jump start” into reading and provides students an excellent basis for continuing success.

Even if YOU are not "visual," your own child very well may be, and every teacher can count on having some students with a “right brain” learning preference in his or her class!

08/25/14. If your school or class will have non-English-speaking students this year, then I recommend that you visit our page dealing with Teaching Non-English-Speakers To Read. Just click here. and you will be there.

Some Background:
Who We Are And How We Can Help You

Marlys J. Isaacson, Ph.D.
"Picture Me Reading!" resulted from the serendipitous discovery of a visual-conceptual approach for teaching beginning and remedial readers. If you would like to know the details of how we came to be, look at our "How It All Began" page for the stories of the children who provided the inspiration by showing the great need for a visual-conceptual method of teaching reading. Originally a primary teacher and then a school psychologist, the discoverer, Marlys J. Isaacson, Ph.D., continued to develop the method and shared it with teachers and parents of public school students having difficulty with traditional approaches. As demand for her hand-made pictograph cards grew, it was clear that a better way had to be found to meet the demand. A computer, a scanner, lots of hours and the services of a professional printer enabled the demand to be met and "Picture Me Reading!" was born.

Picture Me Reading! focuses on teaching the alphabet and the 220 high frequency of usage words commonly known as the Dolch Sight Words for pre-primer through third grade. Nearly all the vocabulary words now mandated for grades K - 5 in California are included in this list (nouns are not included).

Simple line drawings were found to be the most effective and appealing. The picture is just an aid to initial learning which helps the student recall the word when the picture clue has been removed. Users are pleasantly surprised by how easily most students learn new words and then make the transition from the pictographic versions to recognizing plain print versions.

"Picture Me Reading!" can be used alone or to augment your current methods of teaching beginning and remedial readers. Our products include:

· booklets which provide literally dozens of activities and games for teaching (1) the alphabet names and letter sounds and (2) the Dolch sight words;

· a booklet of instructions and examples to help you and your students create your own pictographs for words not found on our list (especially nouns);

· a booklet which helps you teach reading by using "Picture Me Reading!" flash cards and some popular children's books which are available almost anywhere; and,

· a booklet of Riddles which teach ALL of the Dolch Words and NOTHING BUT the Dolch Words while encouraging reading for meaning.

· Dolch Sight Word removable and reusable stickers to use in making games and activities which teach and reinforce the sight words.

· Flash cards to teach number recognition, digits 0 - 20.

· Other useful materials are in preparation and a frequent check of our web site will keep you informed of what is happening. A Spanish version of high frequency sight words is available now.

To try a free sample of "Picture Me Reading!" today, just Click Here.

"I introduced my (likely Aspergers) son to the Picture Me Reading cards today.... Within 10 minutes' discussion over breakfast, he was reading the word-only side of the words "I can run and jump" flawlessly, made sentences and read them to his dad, and is demanding more words.... this from a 6yo who cannot blend two letters together when trying to decode phonetically.... He has known all his letters and sounds since he was 2 ..., but cannot put two letters together. He is so excited that *now he can read*.
Excerpts of comments from a Canadian homeschooling mom